10 Amazing Facts About Nicola Tesla: Unsung Eccentric Hero Of Science

Photo Credit: An eye for my mind via Flickr


Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) has become one of the most renowned scientists of our time due to his achievements and showmanship. He represents the quintessential “mad scientist”, though he did make quite a bit of money with his patents (however, he died impoverished and in debt). He even worked for Thomas Edison for awhile, and as such made significant contributions to the field of electricity.

He pioneered the way forward for many of the conveniences we enjoy today, electric motors, radio, alternating current and remote controls.

He even created an X-ray gun (no, not the kind you see on 50s sci-fi movies that turn people into skeletons) that created full body X-rays of himself and friend Mark Twain.

In the next few pages let’s explore some of his inventions and eccentric behavior…

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