About Us

Science news brought to you by a scientist.


Even since I was a boy I was mesmerized by Star Trek and had a keen interest in Astronomy, my dad got me my first telescope at age 13. I used to love watching all the celestial objects, even though I lived in the middle of a big city and subject to light pollution.


I decided it would be difficult finding a practical job studying astronomy so took up chemistry with idea of becoming a pharmaceutical research scientist. After all, people are born and people die. And sometime in between they have to get sick. What I thought was job security.


I earned a PhD in chemistry, and got a job as a senior research scientist with a major pharmaceutical company for 26 years. I still maintained an interest in all things science, having been a subscriber to science magazine. Of course I continue to still watch Star Trek to this day.


I was downsized by the short sighted executives in pharma industry but still continue to have a keen interest in science. So I enjoy reading about all the latest science news and curate it here, to share with others.


Science has sure made giant leaps and bounds since I got my first telescope. Many discoveries have come true that I thought I’d never see in my lifetime.


Hope you enjoy this website, visit as often as you like and share it with your other science loving friends.