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Watch This Super Strong Coating Make A Watermelon Indestructible

Watch This Super Strong Coating Make A Watermelon Indestructible

Image Credit: YouTube Veritasium   It’s a no brainer what to expect if you were to throw a watermelon from the top of a 150 ft tower. You’d sure have a mess to clean up. But in this latest video by Veritasium, if you coat it with this polymeric compound, not only will it survive a

We Can Now See Alien Worlds Thanks To This New Instrument

We Can Now See Alien Worlds Thanks To This New Instrument

Image credit: N. Jeremy Kasdin and the Princeton research team   It has been more than three decades since the first exoplanet discovery in the 1990s, and our fascination with them has only increased. It would be especially intriguing to find ones that could potentially support life as a possible future home for us or a current one for extraterrestrial civilizations. Recently, a new instrument known

Mad Science Experiment: A Tesla Coil Triggered Gatling Gun

Image credit: YouTube ScienceBob The Tesla Coil was invented by Nikola Tesla back in 1891, and works by having a primary and secondary coil – each with their own capacitors – that transfer current through an air gap until enough is built up that it shoots out sparks. In this video by ScienceBob, he uses one to trigger an ethanol-powered Gatling gun – an

WATCH: Molten Hot Iron Vs. A Huge Magnet

Image credit: YouTube TheBackyardScientist You pretty much know what happens when iron is brought near a magnet. But have you ever wondered what happens when said iron is near 5000 degrees and molten? Will it still attract? Maybe it create cool shapes. But most importantly… DOES IT EXPLODE?! In this video by daring science experimenter TheBackyardScientist, he attempts to

What’s Made Pokémon GO Such A Viral Success?

Image credit: Topher McCulloch via Flickr Guest Author Thuong Hoang, University of Melbourne and Steven Baker, University of Melbourne Technology often needs a “killer app” to gain mass market appeal. For the touch screen, it was the iPhone; for wearables, the Fitbit. Augmented reality games have been around for more than a decade, so what was it about

China Completes Construction Of World's Largest Alien Hunting Telescope

China Completes Construction Of World’s Largest Alien Hunting Telescope

Image credit: Liu Xu/Xinhua News Agency For the last half century, Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory has been the undisputed king of radio telescopes. That record has been upset by China, whose Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) was officially completed this week, making it the largest radio telescope in the world. Installation was completed on Sunday as the last of 4,450