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Scientists Discover A Vaccine 100% Effective Against Ebola

Scientists Discover A Vaccine 100% Effective Against Ebola

Photo Credit: NIAID via Flickr   A few years ago, the deadly Ebola disease saw one of the worst outbreaks in its deadly history in West Africa, and even caused panic in the United States. In a significant scientific breakthrough, researchers have developed a vaccine providing 100 percent protection against a particularly dangerous strain of the disease. Although not yet approved by

Why Frequent Dieting Makes You Put On Weight – And What To Do About It

Image credit: Sophie Jonassen via Flickr Guest Author Tim Spector, King’s College London People who regularly go on diets tend to lose weight initially but bounce back and even gain weight after stopping the regime. This phenomenon – dubbed yo-yo dieting – is associated with changes in metabolism and is one reason why the vast majority

Memory Test Developed To Predict Alzheimer's Risk 18 Years Early

This First Ever Vaccine for Alzheimer’s Disease Could Be Tested In Humans Soon

Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn via Flickr   Every year, 7.5 million new cases of Alzheimer’s are diagnosed around the world, and with an ageing population and an increase in type 2 diabetes (a major risk factor for Alzheimer’s), the outlook is gloomy. Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia in the elderly. The majority of neuroscientists agree that the

New Life Form Discovered In Human Saliva That’s Linked To Diseases

Image credit: MicrobeWiki   Parasites are more common than you think, and they are not limited to obvious visible pests like lice, bedbugs or ringworms. Researchers in the US have discovered parasitic bacteria that are entirely dependent on the other bacteria they infect. Called Bdellovibrio, it is a type of parasitic bacteria classified as a brand new life form hiding