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Dinosaurs Could Have Avoided Mass Extinction If The Killer Asteroid Had Landed Almost Anywhere Else

Dinosaurs Could Have Avoided Mass Extinction If The Killer Asteroid Had Landed Almost Anywhere Else

Guest Author Matthew Wills, University of Bath The decline of the dinosaurs, the rise of mammals and, ultimately, the origins of humans were even more unlikely than previously thought, according to new research. The huge asteroid collision that sparked this change in the Earth’s diversity was already a highly improbable roll of the celestial dice.

Our ‘Selfish’ Genes Contain The Seeds Of Our Destruction – But There Might Be A Fix

Image credit: thierry ehrmann via Flickr Guest Author John Baird, University of Aberdeen The human race is in so much trouble that it needs to colonise another planet within 100 years or face extinction. So says the physicist Stephen Hawking in an upcoming BBC documentary, Stephen Hawking: Expedition New Earth. According to Hawking, “with climate change,

Look Up! Your Guide To Some Of The Best Meteor Showers For 2017

Photo Credit: Jeff Smallwood via Flickr Guest Author Jonti Horner, University of Southern Queensland and Tanya Hill, Museum Victoria After a disappointing 2016, when most of the annual major meteor showers were washed out by moonlight, 2017 looks far more promising. Of the big three, the Quadrantids in January and Geminids in December are both visible in

60,000 antelopes die in 4 days

Planet Earth II: Why More Than 200,000 Saiga Antelopes Died In Just Days

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Guest Author EJ Milner-Gulland, University of Oxford; Eric Morgan, University of Bristol, and Richard Kock, Royal Veterinary College On the remote steppes of central Kazakhstan, a truly extraordinary – and tragic – event unfolded in May 2015. Female saigas gathered in huge numbers to give birth on the open plain over a period of

Beautiful Green ‘Airglow’ Spotted By Aurora Hunters – But What Is It?

Image credit: NASA Earth Observatory Nathan Case, Lancaster University Amateur astronomers and aurora hunters alike have been reporting a green glow across the UK sky. Easily confused with the aurora borealis, or northern lights, the sightings were of another phenomena called “airglow”. Airglow is the natural “glowing” of the Earth’s atmosphere. It happens all the

Meet Savannasaurus, Australia’s Newest Titanosaur

Image credit: Travis Tischler/Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History Guest Author Phil Bell, University of New England The outback region around Winton in central Queensland is arguably Australia’s ground zero for giant dinosaur fossils. Here, graziers occasionally stumble across petrified bones on their paddocks, amid the stubbly grass and cow dung. These bones appear like