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Would You Eat A 3D Printed Pizza?

Would You Eat A 3D Printed Pizza?

Would You Eat A 3D Printed Pizza?

Image credit: Natural Machines Guest Author Deborah Lupton, University of Canberra and Bethaney Turner, University of Canberra Could you imagine serving a 3D printed turkey for Christmas lunch? Or munching on a 3D printed pizza for an afternoon snack? This is not as far fetched as it sounds. While 3D printers have mainly been in the

Mars Underwent An Extreme Makeover 3.5 Billon Years Ago

Decades Of Attempts Show How Hard It Is To Land On Mars – Here’s How We Plan To Succeed In 2021

Image Credit: Kevin Gill via Flickr Guest Author Andrew Coates, UCL Europe has been trying to land on Mars since 2003, but none of the attempts have gone exactly according to plan. A couple of months ago, the ExoMars Schiaparelli landing demonstrator crashed onto the planet’s surface, losing contact with its mothership. However, the mission was partially

Will We Ever Be Able To Bring Cryogenically Frozen Corpses Back To Life? A Cryobiologist Explains

Image credit: Cryonics Institute Guest Author Alexandra Stolzing, Loughborough University A teenager who tragically died of cancer recently has become the latest among a tiny but growing number of people to be cryogenically frozen after death. These individuals were hoping that advances in science will one day allow them to be woken up and cured of

Scientists Pursuade Living Cells To Form Carbon-Silicon Bonds

Image credit: Lei Chen and Yan Liang ( for Caltech   Researchers at Caltech have for the first time achieved carbon-silicon bonds in living cells. Until now, such bonds have been found only in man made materials such as paints, semiconductors and computer/ TV screens. This raises the possibility of silicon-based life elsewhere in the Universe. Such a life form was cast in

Are We Living In A Simulation And Will We Ever Be Able To Tell?

Image Credit: YouTube Fraser Cain In a recent interview at the Code Conference in California, entrepreneur extraordinaire Elon Musk suggested we are living inside a computer simulation. On first hearing, this claim seems far-fetched. But could there be some substance to Musk’s thinking? Key to his claim is that computer games have evolved rapidly over the

Physicists Levitate Object Using Only Sound Waves

Image credit: YouTube ScienceAlert via AIP Publishing   Researchers have successfully levitated a 2-inch solid polystyrene sphere using ultrasound—acoustic waves that are above the frequency of human hearing. Scientists have been able to acoustically levitate water droplets for years, however this is one of the largest spheres that’s ever been floated in mid-air using ultrasound. Such levitation may be